Is it that good? The Order 1886

Sony has released a new trailer for its upcoming Playstation 4 title The Order 1886. The  trailer is label ‘The Pledge’ is showing off The Order as a type of Knight of the Round Table order, that ‘Pledge to protect London from these supernatural creatures known as “Half-Breeds”. This new trailer a refresher on the premise an a nice reminder that this title is on its way and looks great.

You can check out below an interview with Ready At Dawn Co-founder Ru Weerasuriya, with some brief gameplay. Enjoy !



GTA Online: Valentine Massacre Special Update !

Rockstar just dropped heir latest free update to GTA Online, they plan to release this update on Friday, February 14 until Monday, February 17. This update will be adding new exclusive Valentine related weapon, car and jobs. Take a look at the Valentine Massacre event exclusives.

New Weapon: Gusenburg Sweeper

This new weapon gives a nice tommy gun look, you can obtain this it at any ammu-nation on GTA Online(in story mode, the Sweeper will be automatically placed in your weapon inventory with two full clips, you may also buy more ammo and any Ammu-Nation).

New Vehicle: Albany Roosevelt 

The Albany Roosevelt is a Armored 1920s limousine perfect for Mafia type of crews or just classic car lovers.

New Attire

The new Attire will give a unique and nice look, if your a fan of 1920s.

This update will feature special event crate drops, triple RP arm wrestling, strip club VIP perks, and much more.

Be sure to participate in the new update/event. Finally, Rockstar also mention that they will be releasing new info about an upcoming DLC pack called the Dangerous Business Pack. They also mentioned Online heist as an expansion to the Creator Tool.

Check out for more details about the Valentine Massacre Special at Rockstar.

Free Xbox Live Gold This Weekend

Hey Xbox Fans, Quick update.

Turns out you guys can get into the Titanfall beta, for those that don’t currently have Xbox Live Gold Membership, lucky for you. The free access will begin from 12:01 am Pacific on Friday, February 14 and will run through 11:59 pm Pacific on Sunday, February 16. So enjoy you Xbox Live Gold, Watch as many Netflix Videos and Try out the Titanfall beta. Final thing, this will only be exclusive deal on the Xbox 360.

The Last Of Us Dominates The 17th Annual D.I.C.E Awards

During the year of 2013 many amazing games like BioShock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, Tomb Raider, and Dota 2, you would think that the voting field would yield a diverse array of winners at the 17th annual D.I.C.E. awards. Well think again.

Turns out Naughty Dogs’The Last of Us dominated the competition, gathering 10 awards including Game of the Year.

Check out the full list of winners:

Outstanding Achievement In Original Music Composition: BioShock Infinite

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design: The Last of Us

Outstanding Achievement In Story: The Last of Us

Outstanding Character Performance: The Last of Us – Ellie

Downloadable Game of the Year: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Casual Game of the Year: Plants vs. Zombies 2

Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year: Diablo III

Outstanding Innovation in Gaming: The Last of Us

Sports Game of the Year: FIFA 14

Racing Game of the Year: Forza Motorsport 5

Fighting Game of the Year:  Injustice: Gods Among Us

Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year: XCOM: Enemy Within

Family Game of the Year: Super Mario 3D World

Mobile Game of the Year: Plants vs. Zombies 2

Handheld Game of the Year: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Adventure Game of the Year: The Last of Us

Online Game of the Year: World of Tanks

Action Game of the Year: BioShock Infinite

Outstanding Achievement In Animation: The Last of Us

Outstanding Achievement In Art Direction: The Last of Us

Outstanding Achievement In Visual Engineering: The Last of Us

Outstanding Achievement In Gameplay Engineering: Grand Theft Auto V

Outstanding Achievement In Game Direction: The Last of Us

Game of the Year: The Last of Us

Titanfall Beta Confirmed !

Respawns’s Titanfall will have a beta on PC and Xbox One, studio head Vince Zampella revealed. This follows a previous leak that we’d see a beta very soon.

Zampella also revealed that Titanfall on Xbox 360 is in development at Bluepoint Games, Respawn’s Vince Zampella revealed. This is the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection developer, for reference. It doesn’t seem that we’ll see an Xbox 360 beta.

“Details in the coming days,” Zampella promised.

Titanfall Beta Could Be Coming February 14

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’  online-only first-person shooter is going to start its beta on February 14, according to an image captured by the French website Xboxygen. The beta will run from February 14-19, all leading up to the game’s release on March 11 for Pc,Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Neither Respawn or EA have confirmed the beta, but it would fix with what we already know. The game has already concluded an “Alpha Trial” test phase on the Xbox One, although participants are prohinited from voicing their opinions. No word on if the beta will also be an Xbox One exclusive, or if it will appear on PC and Xbox 360.

Everything I Know So Far About No Man’s Sky

Joe Danger developer Hello Games announced its next game at the Spike VGX awards, a massive, sci-fi exploration sim called No Man’s Sky.

In the game’s debut trailer, No Man’s Sky was pitched as an exploration game where “every atom” is randomly procedurally generated, from flora and fauna to the stars in the sky. Every planet and every galaxy is procedural, and filled with unexplored territories. The trailer shows that players will be able to explore underwater environments, the surfaces of planets, the skies and outer space in spaceships.

“It’s a huge game,” said Hello Games’ Sean Murray. “We wanted to make a game about exploration. And we wanted to make something that was real.”

Murray said that, on planets, if you can see it – whether it be a mountain miles away in the distance – you can walk there. The game’s persistent world is being created by the small team of 4 at Hello Games, and puts players into an ecosystem where they’re not at the top of the food chain, Murray said. Space-based combat against other players and capital ships appears to be a major component of No Man’s Sky.

Many game developers will earnestly tell you that their creations defy categorization, and Hello Games’ Sean Murray is no different. He stresses that although this game clearly involves space combat, exploration and resource gathering, a little like Minecraft, but it’s not really about any of those things individually. He said that there is also land-based combat, not shown in the trailer, but would offer no more details.

Based in England, Hellow Games is known for their Joe Danger games, charming plaform-drivers that hark back to the purity of character-led cartoon games made during the Genesis/ SNES era. They were good games and have sold over a million copies.

No Man’s Sky is not, according to Murray, a project born on the back of Joe Danger’s success. It was part of the company’s plan when it was set up by four programmers and designers as I mentioned earlier. each of them spend some years learning their craft at various game development houses in the London area.

Murray and his team wanted to make sci-fi that dreams of new possibilities, that eschews the dark cynicism that has dominated that genre in recent years. They want to get back to the bright, garish promise of strange new worlds, and away from the gray, broken cities and gruff space-marines.

“We want the future to be cool again.” said David Ream, creative director.

Still, I need to at least try to define No Man’s Sky. Hello Games is being cagey, but here’s what we know, There is a universe to explore. Every planet and every star-system in the game is created procedurally, but they all make sense and have ecology, Once they are discovered by one player, they exist for everyone else, and so the act of discovery is also an act of creation, Having said that, according to Murray, players can make significant changes to the places that they visit that endure for everyone else.

Players begin the game at the outer perimeter of the universe and are invited to move towards the center, although this is a difficult quest that takes “intelligence, imagination and cooperation,” according to Murray.

The universe is a dangerous place, and so there is plenty of combat and peril. It’s not just about wandering around looking at the pretty fauna.

But the desire to go out there and look at the universe is at the center of this game’s emotional appeal. Murray was born in Ireland but spend his formative years in extreme outback of Australia, a hostile and beautiful place, but also one marked by isolation.

Hello Games is a small developer with big ideas. Murray said that, while this game is pretty, it is not a next-gen sci-fi graphical showpiece like Titanfall or Destiny.

“Next-gen is empowering us” he said, adding that no decision has been finalized on the particulars of release dates and platform choices. “The new consoles are really good. But most of the games we have seen feel like experiences you could have had with the last generation. They have next-gen graphics but we are more interested in creating next-gen gameplay.”

Sadly during Christmas Eve, the devs mentioned a Flood at their studio. “We have learned that laptops float sometimes, one of the developers at Hello Games Tweeted that day, breaking what appears to be the unfortunate news that the office of one of 2013’s most exciting indie studios have all but been ruined.

Good news, there are no reports of injuries, but the fate of Joe Danger studio’s next game, the development of No Man’s Sky is unclear.

Here are the Tweets sent from the official account of the Guildford, England-based studio shartly before midnight their time:



But even a flood won’t stop this studio. The flood that consumed Hello Games’ office on Christmas Eve 2013 hasn’t stopped work at the Joe Danger developer and won’t delay No Man’s Sky, founder Sean Murray revealed yesturday on the developer’s official blog.

The team at Hello reassembled in a temporary location, and some developers are working from home for now. Murray expects that Hello will be in a more permanent space in the next few months.

“What’s happened sucks,” Murray wrote.” It sucks to see years of concept art floating in muddy water, it sucks to lose so much so quickly(Christmas or not). When we moved into this office it was a wrecked warehouse, and we did it up real nice. It isn’t some anonymous building to us, and it literally broke my heart to watch what happened. If you’ve been robbed(or flooded), you probably know how it feels. From the outside it might make us seem fragile as a company, but I promise we’re strong and I hope we’ll come out of this stronger.”

As much of a setback as the flood was, Murray said that he doesn’t anticipate that it will delay the procedurally generated No Man’s Sky, which was revealed at VGX awards last year.

“We won’t let that happen!” he wrote.

Hitman Returns to Next-Gen

In the next Hitman game, for PC,PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you play a “globetrotting Agent 47 at the prime of his career”, developer IO Interactive has revealed.
In an open letter to Hitman fans, the studio said we’ll see Agent 47 “stalking his prey across the world” with the support of his long-term handler Diana Burnwood and the whole of the ICA.
The game revolves around the “core Hitman fantasy”, the studio said, and is built on the Glacier 2 game engine, using “the best parts and what we have learnt through Hitman” Absolution and drawing inspiration from past titles like Contracts and Blood Money”.
“The game concentrates on the core Hitman fantasy of  using a wide range of tools to take out a diverse group of targets across expansive, exotic  locations around the world,” it continues.”We’re packing in an extreme level of detail on the largest levels we have ever built for a Hitman game.”
“We’ve adopted an op, non-linear level design approach to the game, ensuring the game will play out across huge, checkpoint-free, sandbox levels. Our aim is to create living, breathing and believable levels which will allow gamers to play around with the AI to create those unique moments every fan of Hitman franchise loves.”
The letter also confirms that Contract mode will be returning to the series, allowing you to create and build challenges with levels and then challenge friends to complete them, Mercifully, 47’s ‘magic pocket’ have also been removed, IO added. “We believe that’s all we need to say about that subject.”
Expect more information in the coming months.

First Look at Sly Cooper Movie

Sony and Rainmaker Entertainment have released the first trailer for the upcoming Sly Cooper file. watch it to see Sly,Murray, and Bentley in the middle of an exciting score, with a police chase.

The film is being directed by Kevin Munroe, the guy behind 2007’s TMNY, with the animation being handled by Rainmaker and Blockade Entertainment, who are also currently working on a Ratchet & Clank project. The movie’s Facebook page has a few words to say about the movie plot:

Sly Cooper is a kinetic and comedic heist film that tells the story of Sly Cooper, an orphaned raccoon thief, along with his childhood friends and partners in crime, Bentley Turtle and Murray Hippo. In the film, Sly learns of his birth family’s secret legacy; that he comes from a long line of talented and international thieves.

Endowed with this knowledge, Sly and his friends are catapulted into a global adventure as they race to reassemble pieces of an ancient book holding The Cooper Clan’s family secrets before it can fall into the hands of Clockwerk – an evil Russian metallic owl bent on ending the Cooper family line. From romantic Parisian backdrops to the lush mountains of China, gritty film noir meets bright, colorful graphic novels in this origin story of the world’s greatest thief-turned-hero.

Have a look at the trailer here:

The Sly Cooper movie is scheduled for a 2016 release.

What I think

I’m curious to see what they can do with this movie, as we’ve all seen before, the same animators are also making Ratchet & Clank movie, and now already starting another project before finishing the first, I really hope that both movies end up being good and memorable, as they were when they were games.  

My Top 3 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Hey guys, Happy New Year ! Alright today I would like to start off by saying Hey ! I’m new here and I thought it would be great to blog about stuff that interest me, Like games and review them and even give First Impressions on them, for my fellow gamer’s and readers, Now I would like to share some of my Most Anticipated Games of 2014.

Now this is one of the games I personally can’t wait for, I’ve been waiting this game since day they first debut it ! After hearing Bungie ended their 10 year Contract with Microsoft and are making games for PlayStation as well, I was super excited. The one thing I’m also hoping from Destiny is maybe a PC release as well. Anyways if you all don’t know what Destiny is It is a “Shared World Shooter” from what Bungie says. This is Bungies newest IP, which has a Fantasy Scifi Style Look, but personally in my opinion its just a masterpiece. So the game begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with ruins of man’s Golden Age. A massive, mysterious alien ship hangs overhead like a second Moon. No one knows where it came from or what it’s here for, but only that it’s our protector. Meanwhile, strange, alien monsters creep in, from the edge of the universe, determined to take Earth and the Last City. We are young “Knights” tasked with defending the remains of humanity, discovering the source of these monsters and – eventually – overcoming it. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? truly can’t wait.

The Division
Hm, Ubisoft is trying something very new with their games, and making The Division. We’ve seen them make Splinter cell, Assassins Creed games but nothing quite like this before, an opening world FPS MMO. When I first saw this game it got me quite hooked when they shared the story about The Division. So you’re part of The Division, an organization developed around “Operation Dark Winter. In reality, Dark Winter was just a simulation that took place in 2001; however, this game makes it real in their universe. In 2007 President George W.Bush signed Directive 51, launching The Division’s Agents into effect. About three weeks ago, many sleeper cell agents released a weaponized virus in the United States. The Division tried to sop it, but they failed. This day was known as Black Friday. The entire population was nearly wiped out in the process. The Division’s goal is to save what remains and restore society. After reading that made me so have a nerdgasm.

Watch Dogs 
So Watch Dogs was suppose to come out in November as a launch title for the PlayStation 4, but got delayed !!!!! WHY!? I don’t know why, but this game takes setting in Chicago or future Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything, Watch Dogs explores the impact of technology within our society. Using the city as your weapon, you will embark on a personal mission to inflict your own brand of justice. Chicago now has an overarching network that is known as the Central Operating system(ctOS), and it controls almost all of the city’s technology and information, including key data on all the city’s residents. Now if I had that power ! Actually never mind, rather not share…