GTA Online: Valentine Massacre Special Update !

Rockstar just dropped heir latest free update to GTA Online, they plan to release this update on Friday, February 14 until Monday, February 17. This update will be adding new exclusive Valentine related weapon, car and jobs. Take a look at the Valentine Massacre event exclusives.

New Weapon: Gusenburg Sweeper

This new weapon gives a nice tommy gun look, you can obtain this it at any ammu-nation on GTA Online(in story mode, the Sweeper will be automatically placed in your weapon inventory with two full clips, you may also buy more ammo and any Ammu-Nation).

New Vehicle: Albany Roosevelt 

The Albany Roosevelt is a Armored 1920s limousine perfect for Mafia type of crews or just classic car lovers.

New Attire

The new Attire will give a unique and nice look, if your a fan of 1920s.

This update will feature special event crate drops, triple RP arm wrestling, strip club VIP perks, and much more.

Be sure to participate in the new update/event. Finally, Rockstar also mention that they will be releasing new info about an upcoming DLC pack called the Dangerous Business Pack. They also mentioned Online heist as an expansion to the Creator Tool.

Check out for more details about the Valentine Massacre Special at Rockstar.


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